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Deciding to try your hand at Forex, you need a certain amount of money, although you can first try on a demo account. Then you need to choose a dealer…

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MMCIS Broker Review and Reviews

Forex MMCIS Group is one of the largest Russian Forex brokers with a client base of more than 100,000 investors and traders in 15 countries. The company’s history begins in 2007, when the investment company MMCIS Investments decided to single out all the work in the Forex market as a separate company.

The company’s services have always been on top. A large list of trading instruments, small spreads and lack of swaps, professional customer support and unique trading and investment offers have deservedly made the company one of the market leaders. We will tell about some services in this review.

Investing in traders
The investment trust fund management program Index Top 20 is a unique and unparalleled offer on the Forex market. Now the investor does not need to choose for himself which trader to entrust his funds and check its reliability. The best 20 traders from MMSIS are taking part in trading on investment accounts, incl. such leaders as Konstantin Kondakov.

The scheme of work is simple and clear. An investor needs only to transfer money to his trading account and transfer it to trade to the top twenty managing traders, and start earning income steadily and monthly. All client funds are divided proportionally among all traders, and even if one of them does not show profit in the current month, it will not affect the overall positive result.

Once again we briefly list the main parameters of the investment program:

The minimum amount of an investment deposit is $ 100.

Trading traders – 20 most successful for the month
Broker’s commission – 15%
Average monthly income – 9.67%
Possible annual profit with reinvestment – 158.82%
MMCIS MasterCard Payment Card
Do you need to quickly withdraw money from your trading deposits? Then the MMCIS MasterCard payment card is exactly what the trader needs!

The MasterCard debit payment card UWCFS QUICK is issued by MMCIS and is designed to link a trading and card account for direct client access to their funds and convenient withdrawals easily. The service is available around the clock, the company’s financial service works promptly and without days off.

The transfer of funds occurs promptly, a maximum of 24 hours from the time of application. MMCIS MasterCard in its functions is no different from conventional bank cards. In addition to the possibility of replenishing trading deposits and withdrawing earned profits from your trading account, the card can be used without restrictions to pay for goods and services wherever there is an emblem of the MasterCard system.

Card Benefits:

Direct transfer of funds from trading accounts in MMSIC to the card
Convenient method of money transfer abroad, at a favorable rate and with a minimum commission
All card payment transactions are completely confidential.
For VIP-clients the card is issued free of charge.
Commissions for withdrawals of 2% (or a maximum of $ 15). The company does not charge card service fees.

Partnership offers Forex MMCIS Group
The company offers excellent affiliate programs for anyone who wants to make money advertising the company and offering its services to investors and traders:

Five types of affiliate programs
Regular payments on a spread, interest or CPA basis
Educational and promotional materials are provided.
Support by personal manager and detailed statistics
The possibility of opening your own branch of the company in your city
Many years of successful experience of the company and the professionalism of its specialists allow customers to implement any ideas and plans. By investing in MMCIS, the client not only gets a steady income, but also gets the opportunity in his free time to independently explore financial markets and improve his professionalism. Positive feedback on MMCIS is the best proof of service quality. Here is one of them:

“It is clear that the company is going to success: when I started, there were only MMSIS Russia and MMCIS Ukraine, and now there are representative offices in many developed countries”

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