Site promotion
Web site promotion often means ensuring the flow of targeted visitors to the site. Targeted visitors are those visitors who are interested in your product or service provided on this…

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Online shopping
To date, the sale and purchase via the Internet has become particularly popular. What is the reason for this popularity? Electrical equipment, household appliances, household goods, etc. - all this…

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Developed, developing and border markets
Investment analysts often divide markets into developed, developing, and borderline ones. Although there are no common criteria and classification rules, the idea is that as we move from developed to…

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Site promotion

Web site promotion often means ensuring the flow of targeted visitors to the site. Targeted visitors are those visitors who are interested in your product or service provided on this site.

One of the most important steps to promote your site is search engine optimization, which defines a set of measures to improve the site’s ranking for search engines and thus increase its traffic. Website promotion is a complex set of activities conducted by people and which is better to be entrusted to professionals.

In place of the site in the search results affects a number of factors, which are divided into internal and external.

Internal factors.
Determined by the same site, the usefulness of site information for people, content, structure, name, a set of keywords and other factors. And if you take in general – the relevance and level of optimization for a particular query.

Main internal factors:
Domain name. Search robots take into account the presence of keywords in the domain name in the form of translations, an English word or words in Russian in Russian domains. Regional domains are also considered.

Title page title. It should contain keywords. Preferably, the word should be written in the same form as the query created in the search engine (for example, enter “Elephant”, pages with a heading containing the word “elephant” will be in the first positions, all other things being equal, compared to phrase “big elephants”). It is better that this phrase be the beginning of the page title. It is advised not to exceed 100 -150 characters in the title page title.

Match the text of the page to the search query. The content of the content, the presence of key phrases in it, for the user to type in search engines to access the information you submit. The presence of keywords in internal and external links, a harmonious number of keywords to the entire text.

The number of pages.
HTML markup, highlighting keywords and phrases.
Website optimization for search engines.

Meta tags, such as description, competent keywords, etc. The content of the description meta tag description is displayed by certain search engines as text under the link to the site. The content of the keyword tag is taken into account when determining the corresponding query.
In the description of the meta tag description is not recommended to have more than 200-250 characters. Keywords meaning keywords should not be more than 400-500 characters.

External factors.
Identify other sites.

Among the external factors of the site, website promotion can be identified both by the quantity and quality of the links (range of ranking). PR in Google (depends on the number of sites, their PR, the number of links to this site). Yandex citation index (mainly influences the position of a position in the Yandex catalog and the price of links from this site to other sites). It should be noted as external factors that have no less impact than internal and allow you to beat the competition on the head, despite the weak internal optimization of web pages. Recently, behavioral factors have played a prominent role in ranking.

The influence of various factors on the position in the search results is relative and depends on the search engine, region and change over time. This is what allowed to take a leading position in the past, in the future may no longer have such a significant impact. This is primarily due to the development of search engines in order to provide the most convenient and simple searches and systemic struggle against artificially increasing the position of the site in the output on demand, and of course increasing the number of sites in the network.

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