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Russian Standard Bank in Russia

The bank was registered in March 1993 under the name “Agroopttorg”. After the crisis of 1998, a credit institution was acquired for about $ 100,000 by the structures of the creator of the Russian Standard vodka brand Rustam Tariko and received its current name. In September 2004, the bank entered the deposit insurance system.

In September 2003, Russian Standard Bank announced the issuance of the millionth express loan account. Thus, over the three and a half years of work in the consumer lending market, the bank issued more than a million loans to individuals for an amount exceeding $ 530 million.

Now “Russian Standard Bank”? a large metropolitan highly specialized retail bank controlled by the creator of the vodka brand of the same name, Rustam Tariko. The financial institution is one of the leaders in the credit card market. At the same time, the financial institute became a pioneer and one of the largest participants in the high-margin consumer lending market. The basis of the resource base of the bank in approximately equal shares is constituted by deposits of individuals and attracted interbank credits, which significantly reduces the credit organization’s acute dependence on public fundraising in foreign markets in the past.

Russian Standard Bank in Ukraine
In 2006, the Russian Standard Bank, a financial enterprise, was established in Ukraine. In a short time he came to rather high positions. It is co-owned by the Russian Standard Financial Institution Russian Standard Bank, which provides financial services to the public.

Currently, Ukraine has 50 small offices, 49 branches and more than 6,000 points of sale of financial services in retail chains.

In Ukraine, this bank does not exist for long, but without paying attention to it, it is considered one of the most reliable banks. With the help of the constant expansion of deposits, loans and other financial products, it provides customers with simple, and most importantly affordable banking services.

The bank works with such huge retail chains as Technopolis, Foxtrot, Eldorado, Mobilochka and many others. He was one of the first to provide customers with an excellent offer of combining in one discount and credit card. These cards include the credit card of the online store “Allo” or the bonus card of the Internet electronics supermarket “” and others. In addition to the cards, the bank provides mobile and Internet banking. This innovation allows customers not only extensive technological capabilities, but also comfortable use of financial services.

In 2011, the Bank took an excellent position among other banks in Ukraine, raising its asset growth rates from over 300% to a billion hryvnia since 2010. And in 2012, he took a place in the top ten banks issuing unsecured loans. Received the second position among banks in terms of growth of the loan portfolio to individuals. Ranked fourth among banks on active credit cards. The Bank’s rating rose by 15th in terms of client loan portfolio, by 26th in raising the book of client funds in 2012 and to 65th position in terms of assets in the Ukrainian banking system.

In 2012, Russian Standard Bank received awards from transnational companies such as VISA and MasterCard, which provide payment transaction services. These include a reward for the best resolution of the problem on comfortable 2012 credit cards. And the reward from VISA is the best technological solution to the problem of transferring money to cards. In terms of customer service quality, Russian Standard Bank broke into the top 20 Ukrainian banks. This year, the Bank has already received a deposit reliability rating with distinction from the independent rating agency “IBI-Rating”.

JSC “Russian Standard Bank” – the leading private bank in the consumer lending market
Loan programs in more than 1,300 locations across the country.
More than 28 million private customers.
More than 46 million bank cards.
Over 2048 billion rubles of loans.
Own client self-service network.
More than 170 units from Arkhangelsk to Sochi, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok;
Exclusive issuer and acquirer of American Express® Centurion cards on the territory of the Russian Federation since 2005.
Strategic partner of Diners Club International® for the production and servicing of Payment system cards in the Russian Federation and Ukraine.
strategic partner in the production and servicing of Discover cards in the territory of the Russian Federation and Ukraine.
One of the largest banks in the market of deposits for the population.
Leading positions in the field of merchant acquiring.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Russian Standard Bank issued more than 46 million bank cards for its customers and today offers a unique choice of more than 20 types of credit cards: from innovative bundles of services for the general population – “Bank in your pocket” and “Transport card” to status American Express and Diners Club.

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