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Knitted applications, machine knitting – home business ideas

Needlework is an old type of craft that has not lost its relevance in the formation of the modern market of textile products.

One of the directions – knitting is quite a reasonable business idea that is easy to implement at home. Numerous sites offer the sale of crocheted or knitting products: clothing, toys, blankets, tablecloths.

Start selling handicrafts is not easy. There is no permanent circle of clients, and women are cautious about the choice of the clothes themselves. Making the dream come true is easier if you approach the issue from a different angle.

Openwork applique
One of the ways to make a favorite business profitable is to enter into an agreement with a network of atelier around the city, offering their services in decorating women’s (children’s) clothes.

As practice shows, many ladies prefer to sew dresses at ceremonial events rather than buy. The latter option has to be rarely resorted to, for example, if a sudden event.

At the graduation party, wedding (except for the bridal outfit), corporate party or “light” most fashionistas sew evening and cocktail dresses. For the children’s party order original costumes.

Tailoring always justifies the investment, because the client gets the desired: size (on the figure), fabric material, color of the product.

An appliqué made manually by an individual design will help make the model exclusive. It will also become an indispensable element in the repair of textile products. Agree, it is not always possible to completely remove a scratch on satin or silk. Jewelry work from the threads easily cope with the task.

Bulk or flat floral (plant) patterns will originally replace primitive lace. Knitted inserts of sleeves, back or hem of the skirt will make the model unique, which means designer.

It is interesting to look children’s jeans, jackets, overalls with images of animals, cartoon characters, inscriptions like “Masha”.

The advantages of knitted jewelry are in strength and durability (the main difference from the labels that lose their presentable appearance after the first wash). This is a weighty argument in favor of the introduction of applications in textile production, associated with the tailoring (repair) of clothing.

Based on the aesthetic and practical point of view of the use of knitted applications, the studio will meet the craftswoman. The administration will conclude a contract with the needlewoman for the provision of services for the decoration of products made of fabric, leather, fur.

Possible pattern is well coordinated with the client. Use the ability to make sketches in pencil or on a PC. Using the latter method of modeling is not a problem now. The Internet is replete with programs for creating knitting patterns. Here you can find samples of beautiful patterns.

The advantage of a business idea is the absence of:
– the need to rent space for work
– additional costs associated with the organization of business
– the need to obtain permits from government agencies that are required when creating a legal entity.
Machine knitting
The idea of ​​creating warm things to order is quite attractive for business woman beginners. The price policy of a good tool is quite loyal and does not require special investments. Experience can be obtained by tying relatives, good friends, colleagues. Among the latter two categories, it is better to look after potential clients immediately.

The event is profitable. The costs will pay off within a few months.

Such popularity is explained by the following facts:
– knitted clothes cannot be distinguished from shop goods
– the model is made according to the client’s natural data, which means that it “sits” on the figure
– the product is much cheaper than the market value, taking into account the material, the cost of electricity
– threads are selected based on the taste preferences of the customer (natural, artificial, combined).
In general, manual work is an author’s work, which means that business will bring not only material but also moral satisfaction. The main thing is to persevere towards the goal.

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