Company site features
Today, your own website for any self-respecting company is not a luxury, but a necessity. Sometimes a lot depends on a properly created site. So, what functions should perform the…

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Name selection
When you open your own company, one of the very first and most important stages is to choose a name. This is a very crucial stage, because “like a ship…

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Developed, developing and border markets
Investment analysts often divide markets into developed, developing, and borderline ones. Although there are no common criteria and classification rules, the idea is that as we move from developed to…

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Portal about banks and finance

The main idea and mission of the banking portal is the most complete realization of the resource user’s abilities in achieving financial well-being and creating a comfortable information environment for anyone interested in events occurring in the world of finance.

When creating the portal, the most up-to-date information technologies were used in order to take into account the demands of both professional participants of the financial market, banks, corporations, firms and companies, as well as ordinary customers. The whole structure of the portal is aimed at creating the most convenient and informative – filled dialogue between the client and the portal services. Particular attention is paid to the high-quality, meaningful and reliable informing users of promptly incoming information covering virtually all spectra of the financial world.

What can the portal
Confessing the main declared principle of the portal – all for the convenience of the client, design ideas and solutions most fully correspond to the preferences of users of financial services and information. The resource dashboard is a carefully selected section that provides the client with a quick search for the necessary information. The portal structure is represented by the following functions:

Information and analytical resource. The main objective is to provide an online summary of financial news from around the world. Inform the user about all the latest publications related to banking, financial activities. For an expanded and complete understanding of the events of the world of money, the creators of the portal, in addition to the traditional print format, for the convenience of customers, formed video packages with various topics. Video clips, interviews of leading financiers, traders, analysts are widely presented.
Banking services. The idea of ​​the section is the most obvious and convenient for the client to present all complete and reliable information about the main banking products and promotions.
Information about the deposits of banks. Basic information for investors is presented in a clear and convenient way, which allows even an inexperienced client to receive complete information to make the right decision when managing their capital.
Service on credit products of banks is designed in the same way. For the convenience of customers, there are sections on various types of credit products, information on the necessary documents for obtaining them. Also widely represented are various banking programs of special lending and the conditions for full participation in them.
Personal service
The portal concept is to always be in line with the main innovative technologies. It is technologically and fully implemented in the whole line of interactive services presented to customers.

The most popular and important ones are online loan applications, a loan calculator. The online service allows customers to get direct access to banking products in a matter of minutes, assess the potential opportunity and the result of the selected service. So a loan calculator quickly and clearly

allows you to assess the financial efficiency of the loan for the client, the amount of monthly and

final payments for the selected lending program.

In addition to convenience in choosing the desired service, the portal provides its users with timely information from the foreign exchange markets, continuously updating current

Exchange rates set by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and coming from global financial platforms.

Prospects for the development of the portal
Given the increasing interest of many users to increasingly new and sophisticated information technologies, including in the field of finance

The banking portal sets the goals of further innovation development.

The main principle of financial well-being in the modern world is timely, fast receipt of reliable and important information. For its part, the banking portal will continue to offer its users a modern service corresponding to the ideas of the 21st century.

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